Luyanda's Story

When we first met Bololani he was unable to speak of his experience of being an orphan, as he actually lived on the streets and committed crime to…

Home: New Brighton Township

Age: 27 Years

Background: He was orphaned at the age of 16 and left with the responsibility of caring for his two brothers aged 11 and 14 years.

History: When we first met Luyanda he was ashamed as he was living a life of crime in order to support himself and two brothers. He was totally overwhelmed in life as his mother died when he was 16 years old.

About Him: He is a bright, disciplined caring and loves church, politics and football. He is a very responsible young man who is always keen to do the right thing. He loves to read about history and is an active member in his local church. He has been successfully employed for 2 years in a local company and continues to care and support his brothers through their education. He has an ability to process cognitively very complex situations and find solutions. His goal is to begin to be involved in local politics and to successfully complete his studies.

Luyanda’s story: Hello I am Luyanda Fitoli, I live in the township communities of New Brighton in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I am an orphan but I have hope. I was abandoned by my extended family after my mother died of HIV. However, now I am living a different life.

I love politics and history. I did very well at school as I love to read and learn. I worked for a couple of years in a school and I kept hold of my dream. Last year I completed NQF level 4 in Public Service Management at MSC College in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I passed all of my exams very well and now I am studying my NQF level 5. I am actively involved in local politics and I dream of a different South Africa. I love speaking hope and I am glad that I can study. It’s a dream for me. I was without hope but now I have hope. God did save me, I can say that.

I want to make a positive contribution in my country to have fair politicians who help people and who are not corrupt. I believe that now, as I am learning and developing all the time as I study, I will be able to make a difference for the people of my country. I am grateful for this opportunity – sponsorship through Julian’s Children saved and changed my life.

What your support does: It provides basic food and household items monthly; and assists with payment of transportation so Luyanda can get to work. In this way he is able to support his brothers and financially support himself. He is always looking forward and has a really gentle yet thoughtful and loving character.