Values & Vision

Orphaned at the age of 16 and left with the responsibility of caring for his two brothers aged 11 and 14 years, what hope was there for him?

Vision and Values

The GoGo Trusts’ activities operate using a Christian World View. The overall objective of the “GoGo Trust” is to provide care and support to widows, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s) who are living in Kwazakhele and surrounding township communities  in Port Elizabeth, South Africa affected in the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

 The activities of the GoGo Trust are committed to:

  • Enabling orphans and vulnerable children living in Granny Headed Households and Aunty Headed Households to be cared for and supported through sponsorship. The goal of which is to improve  the welfare of orphans and vulnerable  children living within these families and to enable education and training opportunities which would otherwise be inaccessible.
  • Empowering through support and encouragement GoGo’s to be strengthened and resourced so they can care for and support children living as AIDS orphans within their own families.   
  • Resourcing GoGo’s so they can generate their own income through sewing projects.
  • Supplying GoGo’s with nutritious soup powder (fortified with protein and vitamin A) so the GoGo’s can run “Soup Cells” within their own homes. The purpose of these “Soup Cells” is to provide an opportunity where GoGo’s can meet together in their own homes and be strengthened through prayer, worship, encouragement and bible study and also build trusting supportive relationships with one another. GoGo’s who attend these soup cells also share a bowl of nutritious soup together. The GoGo’s  who attend these soup cells do make and provide soup for vulnerable people living in their communities including, people who are taking ART ( Anti Retroviral Therapy) for HIV infection, people on the DOT programme for the treatment of TB infection and children who are AIDS orphans living in economically poor families. The GoGo’s feel less overburdened and stressed because they have been empowered and resourced to meet some of the overwhelming needs of people living within their communities who are struggling because of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and poverty. Mama Mandisa says ” We feel helpful now and not hopeless”.