Mama Margaret's Soup Cell

We started our project in 1996. We have 27 members. We seek to alleviate poverty in the township community by using our skills to teach community members so they can make things to sell.

We knit, sew, crochet and do beadwork. We also have a soup cell where the community members can come for help and support.

We help people with TB and HIV/AIDS. We make and give soup to orphans, people with HIV AIDS and those who are hungry due to poverty. We have a very high unemployment rate in our community and many people are hungry. Many of our members are grandmothers who have watched their children die of AIDS. As a result we all take care of our grandchildren who are very stressful as they are orphans and have no one else to take care of them.

We find a lot of support through bible studies and give the community hope through our prayers. Our community is peaceful but poor. Our grandchildren are the hope for our nation and we are grateful for the help and support we receive through The GoGo Trust.

We also have a food garden full of spinach, beetroot and onions. We use these vegetables to feed our families with to add to the nutritional soup we make for ourselves and for the people we help. We are Christian women who seek to raise our grandchildren according to scripture. We love our communities our families and are committed to support one another.