Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and a 2023 Full of Peace and Good things Thank you for your continued support of the GoGo Trust. 

The GoGo Trust has been supporting widows and children who  have become Orphan’s and who are living in Kwazakhele and surrounding Township Communities in Port Elizabeth South Africa for 20 years.  Your valuable contributions have enabled the continuation of this work, we are so grateful. Thank You. 

These are pictures of Mama Iris Grandchildren receiving their monthly food parcel they have written to say. “We are so grateful to be supported by Julian’s Children. We are studying hard at school and aren’t hungry at home”. A young lady receives her meal via our Mbilini Soup Cell. She told Mtutuzelli “We are so grateful to have a hot nutritious meal 3 times a week. We collect this meal and my grandmother cooks rice for us to have with it at home.”

This is Mama Nomalizo: “Without out being supported by Julian’s Children life would be very difficult for my Granddaughter and I. My granddaughter is enjoying school and is very good at Maths. I am so grateful she is in school and doing well at school”. 

Luphelo has successfully completed year 2 of his Mechanical Engineering Degree at the Nelson Mandela University. “Being Supported by to Julian’s Children means I can focus on my studies as we have enough food at home.”  

Mtutuzelli has delivered 50 food parcels for Christmas to our families. Theses are received with much Joy. The Mamas repeated say “They look forward to drinking English Tea with biscuits before they go to Church on Christmas Day and Coffee in the Afternoon with their families as they return from Church”

HOPE.. is tangible, our soup cells bring hope daily. We continue to serve 7000 meals a month which in most instances is the main meal received by vulnerable children daily. Children collect these meals on their way home from school. We support 8 Soup Cells which continue to run daily in Kwazakhele and surrounding township communities.  The GoGo trust currently supports 16 families through Julian’s Children comprising 32 children. All children supported through Julian’s children remain in school or are completing tertiary studies.  Julian’s Children is the Orphan Care Project supported by and under the umbrella of the GoGo Trust.


2023 has been a difficult year Mama Margaret says. The continued power cuts are disruptive and we spend many evenings in darkness. The cost of living crisis has also affected our pockets, but we remain grateful.  Being supported by the GoGo Trust a blessing and we have hope because we feel cared for and supported. Our children are fed and remain in school  our communities are fed and we have hope. Thank you to all who support the GoGo Trust.