Wishing you a JOYFUL CHRISTMAS and a WONDERFUL 2022. Thank you for your continued support of the GoGo Trust. I hope you are encouraged by our continued story. 

This  Aphelele Ndlazi
who is Mama Iris Ndlazi’s grandson. 
Aphelele is 12 years of age and has completed  grade 6 at Emfundweni Primary School with his sister Mbalentle.  The family receive the grandmothers pension and are supported by Julian’s Children . 
  His favorite subjects are Natural Science, Xhosa and Social science.  In the  future he wants to be a scientist. He enjoys reading. 
After school he does his homework and has supper with his family. He likes to go to the shops for his grandmother and enjoys being helpful.   He attends church with his family and has been at the same church for 9 years. He enjoys going to his Church on Wednesdays in the evening for bible study. He enjoys his bible study which he says helps him in 
 conducting himself and also helps him in building good character. This is important to Aphelele.  He is grateful for being supported by Julian’s Children as there is always food in the home to eat. 
This  is  Mbali and her little sister  we want to tell you we are proud to be supported by Julian’s Children and we want you to know we have done well at school and we want to wish you all a Happy Christmas and  New Year Lots of love Mabali. 
 This is Mama Iris , she is a soup cell leader who has continued to run her soup cell along with all the other GoGo’s during the pandemic. The soup cells  have been a life line to people within Kwazakhele and surrounding  township communities  in the pandemic as many have become unemployed during the  Pandemic restrictions. Many domestic workers haven’t been able to work regularly which has led to increased financial hardship. The soup cells serve 7000 meals a month and are places of hope, refuge and prayer.  Much HOPE had been restored as people facing much hardship meet at the Soup Cells. 


Likhona is supported by Julian’s Children and  is Mama Nomalizo Mletshe’s granddaughter.   Likhona is a very jolly, active and  energetic young girl who likes to play with other kids.  She is 14 years of age doing grade 7 this year at KK Ncwane Primary School.  Her favorite subject is Math because she understands it better and she wants to be a medical doctor in future. In 2022 she will be moving to high school and is excited about this. Being supported by Julian’s Children has removed a lot of stress form her home and she is very grateful. 


The Soup Cells are continuing to run daily and have done throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic. All Covid restrictions have been observed. The GoGo’s continue to pray for their families and their communities, they make soup and feed very vulnerable person’s in the communities and bring HOPE… Psalm 23